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A powerful network awaits

Aimed at entrepreneurs who recognise a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, Wenyard provides a revolutionary business platform that will generate life-changing opportunities and bring financial security to those individuals who have the foresight to seize the moment.

When you join the Wenyard community, you join the new generation of internet entrepreneurs that are harnessing its unlimited revenue generating opportunities. Our community, our marketing tools, payment plans and our communication platform are truly second to none.

A global community & amazing bonuses

The Wenyard community plays a vital part in helping you to expand your business. It provides the facility for you to participate in a global community where everyone benefits from each other.

Become part of the financial powerhouse and join in the virtual trading with thousands of people worldwide. Build your own global team, manage your members, create and sustain your team spirit. You can do this anytime, from anywhere in the world – as long as you are online!

Introducing NASGO - A fundamentally new concept

NASGO is a new trading game of skill where players can buy and sell shares in virtual companies. Using the information and intelligence provided in press releases and weekly NASGO newsletters, players analyse the market and trade shares to create winning portfolios.

Although NASGO and all the companies listed are products of the virtual world, the elements driving the game are a realistic blend of events, personalities and market conditions. Each company will report to the stock market about their activities, future plans and results. 

The Wenyard & NASGO Synergy

The synergy between the Wenyard program with its real time bonus distribution and the way it’s linked to the fast paced NASGO stock market game generates excitement and enthusiasm in the tens of thousands of players worldwide. This game of skill has growth potential beyond all other online games or virtual financial markets.

Whether you are looking for a little extra money each month or are looking to build a substantial and sustainable business, your income potential with Wenyard is virtually unlimited!

You do not need previous experience, we provide you with the tools to succeed. If you have the commitment and the desire, we'll provide the rest!

Wenyard is unique and stands above anything else available in the market!

  • Simple to use so new members can get on track very fast
  • Attractive to both beginners and to top industry leaders
  • Real time bonus distribution throughout the system
  • Online platform with first class, real time software
  • Build your business from home, at work or on the move
  • The best compensation plan in the industry, ever